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Sarah Samfat – Long Beach Mauritius
A BIG thank you to Echobox team on your fantastic work. You guys have a top notch operation. I was surprised by your flexibility and diligence in pulling together very successful events. Very good achievement given the complexity of what we accomplished together. I will definitely recommend without hesitation.
Anishta PARSOTIM – Indian Ocean Rim Association
We did it ! Another SUCCESSFUL conference. Thanks, in a huge part to Echobox. We, the Indian Ocean Rim are in awe of you and your expertise, not to mention how you manage it all with a smile. Your help from the very beginning, keeping us on track, meeting our deadlines, guiding the host committee ! To all of the onsite work you have been doing. We highly appreciated. Thanks ECHOBOX.
Cedric Jacqueline – General Manager Sakay Advertising
A big THANK YOU to the ECHOBOX TEAM, for doing an AMAZING job on projects. We have had such positive feedback from our clients, dealers, VIP and media partners. Your flexibility and diligence in pulling together a very successful event was just perfect. That’s quite an achievement , given the complexity of what we pulled together. It was a great pleasure working with you guys !
Arielle Latiou Bousoula – Head of Operations Select Models Limited
Hats off to Echobox team. So much creativity within one entity. Thank you very sincerely for your expert services. To say that we couldn’t have done it without you, will be a gross understatement. Highly recommended.
Stefen Ng Kwai – General Manager KasPoz Resto & Pub
Crazy crew. Thank you so much for your work at Kas Poz over 2018 – 2019. Guests were thrilled with the quality of your work,logisitc,deco & coordination and are still talking about their experience. Your attention to detail throughout pre-production and high end delivery ensured the delivery of a memorable experience. We look forward to extend our collaboration for 2019-2020. Well done TEAM!